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*** AU$10 Flat Rate Shipping For All Orders To Australia ***
*** AU$10 Flat Rate Shipping For All Orders To Australia ***

Kinetic KIN48063 1/48 M346

by Kinetic
SKU KIN48063

Plastic model kit scale 1/48.

With Kinetic new manufacturing facilities in place since 2017, the M346 is the first product designed and produced under the engineering system. In order to let the market know the new generation of product, Kinetic will label those product with “KINETC GOLD”, to let the consumer has a new fresh look on “new” Kinetic.




Similar to our previous F/A-18 series, the new M346 use a multi-slide tooling to deliver a single pc lower fuselage. The unique shape of the M346 is difficult to be produced by traditional tooling. In order to reduce the assembly issue, the design of M346 use the complex slide-mold tooling to reduce the part count for the structural airframe. This can help to deliver a better user-friendly building experience.



  • Detail Cockpit
  • Positional Flaps
  • Prototype version pitot tube
  • 2 types Canopy (with and without the MDC)
  • Full in take
  • Fuel tank 
  • 7 hard point pylon for fuel tank or missile (only 5 is currently used in real aircraft)
  • PE seat belt, engine grill



  • 3 x Italy marking (include operation marking and Blue and Red Prototype) 
  • Poland
  • IAF
  • Singapore