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AFV Club 1/35 AF35275 German Wiesel 1A1-A3 Mk.20 (Armoured Weapons Carrier)

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The Wiesel is a modern German light tracked vehicle. The first prototypes of the vehicle were created in 1975, and in the years 1985-1993 the serial production of the car was carried out, ending with the production of about 340 vehicles. The Wiesel 1 is powered by a single 86 HP diesel engine, which allows the 2700 kg vehicle to accelerate to 70 km / h.

The Wiesel was developed for the needs of German airborne troops as a new lightweight and versatile tracked vehicle. The first prototypes were built in the mid-1970s, but due to budget cuts, the order for these vehicles was not placed until 1985. The Wiesel turned out to be a very useful vehicle and there were many development versions of it. The original was the Wiesel 1 version intended for reconnaissance and reconnaissance. A version of the Wiesel 1 ATM TOW was also developed, i.e. an anti-tank version equipped with TOW guided missiles. The Wiesel 2 version was then developed with a longer hull, reinforced armor and a more powerful engine. Based on this modified vehicle, further development versions appeared, for example: Wiesel 2 AFF (version equipped with radar for detecting air targets) or Wiesel 2 Mortar (version with 120 mm mortar). Various versions of the Wiesel vehicle were used by the Bundeswehr in many peace and stabilization missions, e.g. in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995-1996 or in Kosovo (since 1999). The vehicle is in service with the German Army, and a marginal number of chassis for this vehicle has also been ordered by the US Army.