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Corgi CS90633 Willys Jeep - USN Seabees

by Corgi
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Corgi CS90633 Willys Jeep - USN Seabees

Military Legends in Miniature
NCB 540, USN Seabees Corp

Product Type: Die-Cast Model

Scale: Fit the Box

Brand: Corgi

Tech Specs
Finish: Painted
Colour: Blue

Product Info
One of the most famous military light utility vehicles ever produced, the 4 wheel drive Willys Jeep was in widespread Allied service from 1941 onwards and has been described as Americas greatest single contribution to modern warfare. With 360,000 Willys MB vehicles produced, this fast and reliable off-road capable vehicle could be adapted to perform a huge variety of tasks and became a vital battlefield asset in almost every theatre of conflict. From reconnaissance and re-supply to casualty evacuation and officer transport, the Willys Jeep became a means of military mobility as important as the horse was during the Great War.