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Greatwall Hobby 1/35 L3503 German 210mm Rocket Launcher Nebel Werfer 42

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Lion Roar have moved into producing full multimedia kits with two kits of the 150mm Nebewerfer 41 (kit #L3501) and 210mm Nebelwerfer 42 (kit #L3503) and at the same time released complimentary sets with 6 metal 150mm Nebelwerfer Rockets (set #L3502) and 5 metal 210mm Nebelwerfer Rockets (set #L3504) which allows you to buy the Nebelwerfer kit and as many separate rockets sets as you need.

The Nebelwerfer 42 was a rocket-launching artillery piece with five barrels, each firing a 250 pound 210mm Wurfgranate 42 (rocket grenade) out to a range of about 8000 metres (about 5 miles).

The Nebelwerfer 42 as with the Nebewerfer 41 utilized a modified carriage and wheels of the light 3.7cm PaK 35/36 anti-tank gun to ease production.

As this kit is basically the same as the Nebelwerfer 41, the review below is also the same apart from amendments for the Nebelwerfer 42 barrel parts.

The first thing to make clear with this kit is it is not for the fainthearted or inexperienced modeller as the assembly of the rocket tubes in particular will require care and patience as the barrel tubes need to be aligned in a couple of directions at the same time while slipping them through the large etched mounting plates, more on this below.

The full multimedia kit contains:
107 parts in light grey styrene
2 etched frets
5 formed brass tube barrel
2 resin wheels
2 lengths of plastic wire
1 length of plastic rod
1 length of flexible plastic tube

The quality of the plastic parts are excellent with clean well defined details without any apparent flash and only a few pin marks most hidden after assembly with the parts being on par with other mainstream plastic kits of today. There are also many very fine parts that will need care in removing from the sprues and during assembly.

The resin wheels are also cleanly cast with well defined details and just two small casting blocks to be removed while the metal parts are the same excellent quality we have seen from previous Lion Roar sets.

Rocket Barrels: