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GT Power C607D Dual Power Balance Charger - 7A 80W AC/DC

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GT Power C607D Dual Power Balance Charger - 7A, 80W, AC/DC

The GT Power C607D charger is a simple yet powerful dual input multifunctional charger with built in LiPo balancing (JST-XH) for up to 6S Lithium batteries. It is packed with features that exceeds many higher cost units. Primarily designed for Lithium Polymer (LiPo, Li-Poly) batteries, it can also charge Li-Ion, LiFe (A123M1), NiCd, NiMH, and Pb (lead acid) batteries.

- Capacity limit
- Maximum safety
- Temperature monitoring
- Input power monitoring
- Easy to program buttons
- 5 battery memory
- Individual cell monitoring
- 2-Line backlit LCD display
- Built in Balancer to 6S packs
- Cycle charging/discharging
- Includes "FAST" and "STORAGE" Li-xx programs

Output: 80W
Discharge: 5W
Balancing current: 300mAh/cell
Operating input voltage: 10 - 18V DC or 100 - 240V AC
Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFe: 1 - 6 series
NiCd/NiMH: 1 - 15 cells
PB (Lead acid): 2 - 20V
Charge current: 0.1 - 7A
Discharging current: 0.1 - 1A
Cell balancer: Up to 6S (series) LiPo (JST-XH connectors)
No. of Cycles: Up to 5
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 136 x 127 x 56mm

1 x Charger
1 x Alligator Clips to DC Cable
1 x Alligator Clips to Deans connector
1 x Mini JST (red) connector to Deans connector cable
1 x Female servo connector to Deans connector cable
1 x Glow plug connector to Deans connector cable
1 x 4mm banana connectors to Deans connector cable
1 x Mains lead
1 x Manual

Please read the manual and use the charger only as outlined in the instructions. Do NOT leave the charger or any batteries unattended during operation at any time and disconnect everything when finished. Ensure that you always charge in a suitable environment- i.e. away from fire hazards. LiPo safety bags are also advisable when charging lithium polymer batteries.