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Hasegawa 1/24 20456 Sauber Mercedes C9 1987 Norisring

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The Mercedes Sauber C9 is a German-Swiss racing car developed in collaboration with Sauber Motorsport and Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle was presented in 1987 and was used until the 1990 season. The car raced in the so-called Group C which was introduced by the FIA in 1982. Mercedes Sauber C9 was a far-reaching development of the C8 model. First of all, it had a larger, aluminum body and was powered by a new engine (Mercedes-Benz M119) generating more maximum power while maintaining the same displacement. The new engine also had a slightly improved service life. The aerodynamics of the new car has been significantly improved by, among other things, redesigning the spoilers. the new car was slightly heavier than the C8 model, but it showed better grip and a better distributed center of gravity, which improved its behavior on the track. In total, Mercedes Sauber C9 took part in 21 races, of which he won as many as 13, and in 1989 Jean-Louis Schlesser became the world champion.