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Hyperion is excited to announce that we are carrying the full range of high-quality 3D printing filaments. Hyperion?s stringent testing process has lead us to source one of the world's leading 3D printing filaments that fits all of your DIY & Hobby needs. Our Hyperion filaments have a stable melting point, good round shape and most importantly a 0.05mm uniform diameter tolerance for a consistent flow rate. Don?t take a chance with other cheaper-quality filaments.?

What makes Hyperion PLA filaments a good choice? PLA has a lower melting point and prints easier than other materials. One of the most important features is that PLA filament is non-toxic, and even has a sweet smell when printing. PLA filament has a low-shrinkage rate and it is very rigid with minimal flex. The Hyperion PLA filament can print extremely high resolution models and is perfect for a wide range of uses. PLA is considered stronger than ABS but is more susceptible to cracking when flexing, impact or torsional loads so the mechanical needs of the print project has to be evaluated.?

Hyperion?s range of high-quality PLA filaments offer a huge range of vibrant colors and opacity for that perfect look, whether it is artistic or for utility purposes, it is just a great material for 3D printing! PLA can be printed without the use of a heat bead, and can stick to glass or a PCB plate with a binder such as hairspray or white glue for a curl free print.?

Choosing the proper filament for your application is very important. Please visit the website for more detailed information as well as the recommended settings for your Hyperion 3D printer.



  • High-quality PLA formula
  • Stable melting point
  • Consistent round shape
  • Uniform diameter tolerance 0.05mm
  • Consistent color pantones


  • Filament Material: PLA
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Quantity: 0.5KG
  • Color: Fluorescent Blue