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Hyperion HP-TLPROPWRENCH Propeller Removal Wrench for Micro Brushed Motors

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The Hyperion Prop Wrench is a handy tool and makes it convenient to remove propellers from your micro quads without damaging the motor. Its unique U shaped fork slides under the propeller and the angular neck provides a lever action to simply push the prop out without fear of bending the delicate shaft. The opposite end of the wrench with a hole, simply acts as a pusher for pushing the props on. Features steel construction with chrome finish for corrosion resistance.

Works perfect for propellers sizes from 40 to 65mm.


  • Steel construction with chrome finish
  • U shaped fork
  • Angled neck for lever action
  • Opposite side with hole, acts as a prop pusher

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion Propeller Removal Wrench for Micro Brushed Motors x 1


  • Material: Steel (Chrome Finish)
  • Length: 40mm