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Kinetic Model Kits 1/48 KIN48078 IA 58 Pucara

by Kinetic
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The FMA IA-58 Pucara is an Argentinian twin-engine attack and anti-partisan aircraft in a metal low wing structure. The beginnings of the IA 58 Pucara date back to the mid-1960s. The first flight of the AX-2 Delfin prototype, powered by two Garett TPE331-U-303 turboprop engines, took place on August 20, 1969. The next prototype aircraft were equipped with French-made Turbo Meca Astazou XVIG engines. Pucara can operate from ground airports with very little ground handling. These assumptions proved correct during the war for the islands of the Falkland archipelago in 1982. The plane can fly at night, but due to the lack of an advanced targeting system, the combat capabilities drop drastically. The first flight of the production series (IA 58A) aircraft took place on November 8, 1974. Deliveries to the Argentine Air Force began a year later. The IA 58A is armed with two 20mm Hispano HS804 cannons with 270 rounds per cannon, and four 7.62mm FN Browning machine guns with 900 rounds per rifle. Additional weapons, including classic bombs, napalm tanks, 70mm unguided rocket pods, cannon pods and additional fuel tanks. The IA 58B model was equipped with a new avionics and two 30 mm cannons (instead of 20 mm). The first flight of the prototype took place on May 15, 1979. The aircraft was not put into production. The IA 58C is a single-seat version, armed with a 30mm DEFA553 cannon, capable of carrying Magic 2 air-to-air missiles, Martin Pescador air-to-water missiles. The modernized avionics includes a HUD display, ballistic computer, VLF navigation system, IFF identification system. Some IA 58As were rebuilt to IA 58C. The IA 58 was exported to Uruguay and Colombia. Technical data: length: 14.25m, wingspan: 14.4m, height: 5.36m, maximum speed: 520km / h, climb speed: 18m / s, practical ceiling: 1000m, maximum range: 1360km.