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Model Collect 1/35 UA35012 German Heavy Tank TIGER III E-75 mit 12.8cm Kwk

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The E-75 was an experimental German heavy tank from the Second World War that never entered mass production. It was probably armed with the KwK 43 L / 71 or L / 100 88 mm cannon or the 105 mm long-range cannon and 1 or 2 machine guns MG34 cal. 7.92 mm.

Design work on the E-75 tank was initiated in as part of the Entwicklungsserie program, i.e. a program for the development of German armor, which was to lead to the creation of a standardized design for a series of six combat vehicles of different weights, but using as many common components as possible. Analytical and conceptual work under this program was initiated in mid-1943. The E-75 tank in this project was to be a new heavy tank of the German army, in which particular emphasis was placed on possibly thick armor and the greatest possible ability to fight enemy armored vehicles. Most likely, the vehicle was to use an appropriately rebuilt and redesigned Schmallturm turret and - most likely - the hull and chassis of the Pz.Kpfw VI Tiger II, which it was to eventually replace in the line.