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*** AU$10 Shipping For All Orders Over $50 To Australia ***

Traxxas 5270R - Ez-Start 2, Complete System With Controller, Drive Unit

by Traxxas
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Traxxas 5270R - Ez-Start 2, Complete System With Controller, Drive Unit

Brand: Traxxas

Part Number: 5270R

Add the convenience push-button starting to your TRX® 2.5, 2.5R, or 3.3 nitro engine with this all-inclusive kit.

The Traxxas EZ-Start® system brings the power, convenience and safety of push-button electric starting to the TRX 2.5, 2.5R, or 3.3 Racing Engines. Simply plug in the hand-held control unit, push the button, and the EZ-Start system automatically heats the glow plug and the lightweight, compact on-board drive spins the engine. Traxxas' exclusive Smart Start™ technology monitors critical starting functions, automatically sensing and diagnosing potential problems for trouble-free engine starting every time.

The EZ-Start® requires a fully-charged, 7.2-volt, 6-cell battery pack and a charger (not included). A single charge should provide a full day of starting.

Traxxas EZ-Start Features

  • Power for the EZ-Start system comes from a 7.2-volt rechargeable battery pack installed in the hand-held control unit.
  • The engine glow plug is heated automatically by the EZ?Start system, eliminating the need to keep up with a separate glow plug igniter.
  • The voltage to the glow plug is kept constant, regardless of the load placed on the starter by the starter motor.
  • The “Glow Plug” LED (light emitting diode) on the control unit indicates the condition of the glow plug.
  • The “Motor” LED indicates the status of the EZ-Start electric starter motor.
  • The cush drive mechanism in the drive unit prevents damage to the gears caused by engine kickback.
  • Smart Start™ protection circuitry prevents damage to the motor by cutting power if the load on the motor or other electronics exceeds safe limits.

MODEL 5270: EZ-Start 2 - Complete System with Controller, Drive Unit and Wiring Harness

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Nitro Slash


Slayer® Pro 4X4


TRX® 2.5R

TRX® 3.3