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Fujimi 451657 1/700 Nagato IJN Battleship

by Fujimi
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Fujimi 451657 1/700 Nagato IJN Battleship

Manufacturer Fujimi
Product code fjm451657
Scale 1:700
Added to catalog on: 23.9.2022
Tags: Nagato

Nagato was a Japanese battleship laid under the keel in 1917, launched in November 1919, and commissioned in the Imperial Japanese Navy in November 1920. The ship was 221 meters long, 34 meters wide, and had a full displacement of 42,800 tons. The maximum speed of battleship Nagato was around 25-26 knots. The main armament at the time of the launch was 8 410 mm guns in four turrets, two guns each, and the additional armament was mainly 20 140 mm guns.

Nagato was the first battleship of the type with the same name - ie Nagato. Ty Nagato was the first series of battleships whose main artillery exceeded the caliber of 400 mm. Modernization of the battleship took place only in 1936, when it was extended, the entire engine room was modified, catapults for seaplanes were added, and anti-aircraft artillery was significantly expanded. At the outbreak of World War II, Nagato was the flagship of the entire Japanese fleet (Japanese: Ippon Kaigun) - it was from it that the order was sent to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In June 1942 he took part in the Battle of Midway but survived it. In 1944, he fought in the Battle of Leyte, where he sank the USS Gambler Bay aircraft carrier and three destroyers. She was the only Japanese battleship to survive the war in the Pacific in good condition, and in 1946 the Americans used it to test nuclear weapons in Bikini Atoll. Nagato sank on July 25, 1946.